Greece Has It All..!

A Quick Note:

Santorini (Thira Island) is #4 destination world wide, with over 4 million visitors a year.
The Municipality  Authorities have put to action a 5 year rapid development program, to improve the flow of tourist and services, already in progress to complete the new airport, new roads with easy access to all villages.

A new commercial port and operational man power for the needs of the island is on top of the list. This actions has attracted investors world wide, their main interests have been noted to be from sales into land plots, houses, cave-housing, old hotels -due to the popularity of the island, and the lack of accommodation.

Their current investments have been documented to have a return profit from 5% to 10% on their capital purchase, in a period of five to ten years. It is an exceptional gain in comparison to various other investments world wide.

If you are looking to move your business, start a new one, or expand overseas...

For any of the following reasons

To invest in Real Estate

To invest in Retail or open a branch

To invest in Tourism and Services

To follow your dream and passion

Then! here's a few notes on "Why Greece"!

  • Only 3% for Real Estate Transfer Tax
  • High Yields in Investments up to 8%
  • You get a Golden Visa at 250.000€
  • We have on an average 300 Days of Sunshine
  • Around 500 Beautiful Blue Flag Beaches
  • Around 2.000 Islands
  • 232 Archeological Sites
  • 17 Unesco National Heritage Sites and…
  • …2 out of 7 of the Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Greece has the longest Mediterranean costline, measuring 13,676Km
  • 21 International Airports – 45 Airports in Total
  • It is visited by 33 milion people every year
  • Profits from Tourism share the 20% of National GDP
  • Greece is located between 3 continents, Europe (from Greek mythology), Asia and Africa

So... just like it says at the top... Greece has it all!

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