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Are you looking for property to own or a long term rental? The island of Santorini is a fantastic option if you feel the need to be in a safe, far away environment, under a blue sky, surrounded by a beatiful landscape, lots of quality options for you night out and a quiet relaxed day… every day!

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Public Health & Safety

Pandemic Measures and Response on a Greek Island
Santorini Hosts a Fully Operational Hospital (and a Medical Centre)

Keeping away from the source or areas of infection is a good way to keep staying unaffected. The best way to achieve that, is by being in a remote location where -most of the year- the so called “social distancing” is how it is in the every day life, without of course having to sacrifice basic -or any- needs and habits.!

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A Quick Note on Investing in Greece

Santorini (Thira Island) is #4 destination world wide, with over 4 million visitors a year. The Municipality  Authorities have put to action a 5 year development program…Read More

Why Invest in Greece..?

Greece Has it All..!

500 Blue Flag Beaches

Only 3% Transfer Tax

300 Days of Sunshine

High Yields up to 8%

2.000 Islands

Golden Visa @ 250.000€

Need more?

232 Archeological Sites

Tourism Holds 20% of National G.D.P

21 International Airports

Longest Mediterranean Costline

33 Million Visitors per Year

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Greece IS the Crossroad to 3 Continents on this Planet

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